Before you can influence, inspire or change the behavior of people, you need to tell them a story. Yours. Shelly Slater Strategies can help you narrow your story down to the business-end of a spear. You don’t want to just make a point. You want to be the point.

Once you have a story, our services and techniques will teach you and your team how to tell it, effectively and compellingly. Everything from presentation training to creating video content, we can show you how to build your business.
A story well-told is meaningless unless people hear it. And share it. Our award-winning experience in broadcast news will show you how to make your story stick with people, and how to spread your message out beyond your current networks.

How we can help tell your story.

Executive Storytelling Series

Define your differentiator. Make your pitch matter.

Video Production

Create content that moves your story forward, especially in a virtual world.

Public Relations Training

Save money by training your own team.

Virtual Communication Training

Be effective online. Engage your audience through virtual panels and events.

Interview Training Seminars

Market yourself. Turn an interview into a conversation.

Virtual Online Courses

Need help preparing for an upcoming interview? We’ve created two online courses. One is geared toward seasoned professionals, and one is built for young adults. 

Now more than ever, standing out in an interview matters. Do you know how to share your story? Have you narrowed down what makes you different? This takes practice.

Who we’ve helped.

Shelly makes us 10 times stronger.
We started out as individuals, but now we operate as a true team.


Shelly is an idea genius. She skillfully captures the essence of what matters.
She never ceases to impress.


Want to capture your own voice?
Shelly is highly effective in pinpointing the message.


Stop all Google searches now. You have struck oil!!!


Our associates rated Shelly Slater as one of their favorite speakers!


Let’s tell your story.